Anouk Griffioen

ANOUK GRIFFIOEN has no siblings. The many moves during her childhood left her unable to cement any friendships. Anouk Griffioen was a solitary creature and remains one today. In downtown Rotterdam cars whizz past however, the busy city is totally forgotten when you enter her studio. Here she created a forest where she can find stillness and quite. The walls are covered in huge sheets of paper that used to be pristinely white. Now, millions of tiny charcoal lines later, a colorless forest emerges.

Trees don’t die here. Erasing is taboo, which means that every line is eternal. Falling leaves will never find their way to the ground, grass won’t be trod on. Under this layer of fixative, Anouk Griffioen is conserving nature – from the gardens designed by Piet Oudolf in New York to the nearest dog walking patch – for eternity.

Anouk Griffioen her work is part of the group exhibition LIMITLESS which is on view at DOEN until the 7th of October 2023. During LIMITLESS various photographs of Anouk Griffioen and her impressive charcoal works were on show at DOEN. For any questions or inquiries please contact

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