Cengiz Hartmann

Cengiz Hartmann is a German designer the word Begreifen serves as a key to his work. It means both to touch and to understand – in a way thinking with hands. Focusing to reduce the objects to its essential without eliminating their poetry.

During his process of creation Cengiz Hartmann trusts his intuition as a guiding knowledge. The limitation of tools lead Cengiz to a more specific expression and the existing tool marks are not concealed. Using a particular tool once or even the wrong tool leads him to something new. Listening and trying to understand is an essential part to Cengiz Hartmann, this way Cengiz finds the road to the next exciting thing.

Experiment has a great value in the work of Cengiz Hartmann, this way goes beyond boundaries and explores the unknown. He likes the idea to control the process of asking rather than the outcome. During the process of creation Cengiz Hartmann works with solid materials with all their strengths and weaknesses. He believes that all natural materials are smart. If you listen carefully, they tell you what to do.

According to Cengiz Hartmann, the most important question for all kind of objects and spaces is how and if people are able to deal with it on a personal level.

Cengiz Hartmann his work was part of the group exhibition LIMITLESS at DOEN until the 7th of October 2023. For more information about Cengiz Hartmann’s work or inquiries please contact info@doen.do

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