We design spaces to live, love, work, enjoy and feel safe in. From new-build apartments to total renovation of villas and from offices to public spaces, our work has been bound by an ethos rather than a certain style. One in which we go all-in, simplify the difficult stuff & always leave some magic behind.   

Our core principle is that we work from people’s own imagination. Because we believe that interior design can elevate the everyday, when it reflects the soul of its residents. 

We start by understanding the user and the space, paying attention to every single detail. The design process begins with a floor plan based on preferences and (technical) possibilities. We present different options and together decide on the best layout. Then, we determine the atmosphere with visual references. Following a preliminary cost estimate, we further develop the visual proposal with the applied materials within budget.

Using mood boards and drawings, we bring the design to life in 2D and 3D. Once decisions are made, we create detailed plans. Whether we handle the entire realisation phase or oversee the work of your selected partners, builders will be carefully briefed by us with complexity, budget, and planning being decisive.

Our designer closely oversees the project during realisation, working closely with the project manager.

For more information about the realisation proces, visit DOEN BUILDS.


For the development of new estate projects, we create all floor plans, moods and visuals for sales brochures and assist buyers in customising their interior designs.
Down below a few of the projects we have completed in cooperation with well known real estate developers. 

Binckhorst, Den Haag
Cartesius, Utrecht
De Zuid, Scheveningen
District U (LAB), Vlaardingen
Fenixlofts, Rotterdam
Havenkwartier, Rotterdam
Little Coolhaven, Rotterdam
Mares, Den Haag
Oostenburg, Amsterdam
Residentie De Noord, Ablasserdam
Tuin van Noord, Rotterdam
Waelrijck, ‘s Gravenzande
Vertical,  Amsterdam