At DOEN we realize personal homes and dream interiors from the first idea to the last finishing touch. At the GALLERY we exhibit curated contemporary art and [collectible] design. A valuable contribution to your personal story. This combination creates the possibility to not only embrace great works of art but also experience them at home it in the most honorable way possible.

At the DOEN GALLERY we are always down for a good conversation and happy to show you around. If you are looking for inspiration, something particular or thinking about starting your own art collection, come visit us at the gallery.

We got you! You visit us at the gallery, see something you absolutely LOVE and then do not know where or how to perfectly place it in your house. The crossover between our interior design office (DOEN) and our gallery (DOEN GALLERY) creates the opportunity to help you turn this dream into reality. At the DOEN GALLERY we are always happy to help you!


To explore the limits of a space with no limits the open floorplan GALLERY will be turned into a space that represents the limitless of life and living. Throughout life we slowly collect personal items with all unique stories that represent our endless memories. The art of creating a personal home, a sacred place, ideas in the combining of all the different elements; a timeless set of vintage design together with new furniture, your first art piece and new collectible design.

But also, more personal items such as fine jewelry, a good piece of clothing, the pictures on your wall or the books that fill your bookcase. That together is home, a reflection of who you are and the life you want to live.

Since life has no limits your home should also have none.

We would like to invite you into a new narrative at the DOEN GALLERY. We are excited to host this group exhibition with Anouk Griffioen, Cengiz Hartmann, F U N D A M E N T E & Tweek-Eek.

From the 7th of July 2023 until the 7th of October 2023 LIMITLESS is at view at the DOEN GALLERY. For more information or inquiries contact

Anouk Griffioen

“During the Permian Period, the geological era between 300 and 250 million years ago, the Calamites Suckowi becomes extinct. This tree-like plant belongs to the Calamites genus and could grow to be as high as 30 meters in length. It is their fossils that tell us that the trunk appeared almost bamboo-like, lined with vertical ribbing.”

Anouk Griffioen has no siblings. The many moves during her childhood left her unable to cement any friendships. Anouk Griffioen was a solitary creature and remains one today. In downtown Rotterdam cars whizz past however, the busy city is totally forgotten when you enter her studio. Here she created a forest where she can find stillness and quite. The walls are covered in huge sheets of paper that used to be pristinely white. Now, millions of tiny charcoal lines later, a colorless forest emerges.

Trees don’t die here. Erasing is taboo, which means that every line is eternal. Falling leaves will never find their way to the ground, grass won’t be trod on. Under this layer of fixative, Anouk Griffioen is conserving nature – from the gardens designed by Piet Oudolf in New York to the nearest dog walking patch – for eternity.

Anouk Griffioen her work is part of the group exhibition LIMITLESS which is on view at the GALLERY until the 7th of October 2023. During LIMITLESS various photographs of Anouk Griffioen and her impressive charcoal works are at the DOEN GALLERY. For any questions or inquiries please contact

Cengiz Hartmann

Cengiz Hartmann is a German designer the word Begreifen serves as a key to his work. It means both to touch and to understand – in a way thinking with hands. Focusing to reduce the objects to its essential without eliminating their poetry.

During his process of creation Cengiz Hartmann trusts his intuition as a guiding knowledge. The limitation of tools lead Cengiz to a more specific expression and the existing tool marks are not concealed. Using a particular tool once or even the wrong tool leads him to something new. Listening and trying to understand is an essential part to Cengiz Hartmann, this way Cengiz finds the road to the next exciting thing.

Experiment has a great value in the work of Cengiz Hartmann, this way goes beyond boundaries and explores the unknown. He likes the idea to control the process of asking rather than the outcome. During the process of creation Cengiz Hartmann works with solid materials with all their strengths and weaknesses. He believes that all natural materials are smart. If you listen carefully, they tell you what to do.

According to Cengiz Hartmann, the most important question for all kind of objects and spaces is how and if people are able to deal with it on a personal level.

Cengiz Hartmann his work is part of the group exhibition LIMITLESS which is on view at the GALLERY until the 7th of October 2023. We showcase Cengiz Hartmann his High Vase Philemon and Baucis, and his Giant Plates. For more information about Cengiz Hartmann’s work or inquiries please contact


F U N D A M E N T E is specialized in 20th century design & objects. Jarno Kooijman travels all around Europe to select the finest pieces of vintage which are carefully selected and renewed. Jarno Kooijman’s appreciation for shape and aesthetic together with the pure craftmanship of his team results in durable and soulful pieces.

The vintage pieces of F U N D A M E N T E  are part of the group exhibition LIMITLESS. Various pieces and objects are on view until the 7th of October. Besides the group exhibition we are also able to implement the unique pieces of F U N D A M E N T E into our interior designs. For more information or inquiries please contact


Twin sisters Roos en Geertje Eek created an innovative jewelry label manufactured exclusively in The Netherlands. During their process of creation they use massive machines that were not originally meant for making jewelry. These machines are intended for the high-tech industry. This together with their own designs create a recognizable signature; pieces that are innovative, rough and yet elegant.

During the group exhibition LIMITLESS the solid gold collection of TWEEK-EEK is on view at the gallery. Besides the solid gold collection by TWEEK-EEK there is also a curated part of their general collection available at the gallery at all times. For more information about the pieces by TWEEK-EEK please contact


In celebration of a new beginning, we reminisce about the history of a former post office through postcards. Travelling through an industrial space, one gains insight into a diverse collection where each piece is in dialogue with its surroundings.

The architecture guides you through different scenes, from displays of color, eventually moving into a nonchalant living space to end up into the new gallery space. The building features a unique volume in disguise of a vault that highlights a compelling interplay. Each objects with a voice of its own, offers an engaging experience that is revealed as the space unfolds.

With state of the art pieces from Alisa Lim A Po, over 65 international pieces by Objects With Narratives and lightining designs by Koen van Guijze we are more than thrilled to host the first group exhibition in the new underground gallery at DOEN.

The group exhitbion POSTCARDS FROM ROTTERDAM was on view at from the 10th of February 2023 until the 10th of April 2023 at the DOEN GALLERY. For any information or inquiries about POSTCARDS FROM ROTTERDAM please contact


Alisa Lim A Po reflects in her work on human behavior and the feelings that result from it. From her personal vision on the theme, Alisa Lim A Po creates unique series, bringing the works to a generally recognizable platform. Her research into different use of materials and new techniques is another interesting part of her story. Her work is constantly evolving, enriching and surprising.

At the DOEN GALLERY we exhibit her impressive wall object Arcadia (2020). Alisa Lim A Po’s series Monochromes and Scapes were part of the group exhibition Postcards from Rotterdam. While the exhibition is over, Alisa Lim A Po’s work is still available via the GALLERY. For any questions or inquiries about Alisa Lim A Po’s work contact

(Photo), Monochromen_White_XL1, 2023, Abstract Collage, Acrylic, Ink, Linen, Liquid Gloss, 400 cm x 200 cm


In order to realize your personal home with unique cherished pieces, Objects With Narratives is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Objects With Narratives is specialized in sharing interesting and compelling narratives through collectible design pieces. Moving between art and design, their collectible design objects carry the energy that makes you turn your head around. The contextual work manifests a strong concept. Furthermore, their pieces are produced at a limited quantity, are carefully crafted with high attention to detail and form from various materials. With each piece being unique from the next, they all manage to share one common denominator – to shape a narrative that resonates with their audience.

Various designers from Objects With Narratives were a part of the group exhibition Postcards From Rotterdam (past). Still on view at the DOEN GALLERY are the Vulcano Vases by Alissa Volchkova, From the Ashes vases by Studio Peipei, and the Farouche Mirror by Frederic Saulou. All other objects from Objects With Narratives are also available via DOEN GALLERY for more information or inquiries contact

Artists: Alfie’s Fuzzy Friends, Jan Ernst, Ward Wijnant, Sarah Roseman, Studio ThusThat, Studio Peipei, Frederic Saulou, Maria Tykina, Raphael Kadid, Cedric Breisacher, Johan Viladrich, Laurids Gallee, Noe Kuremoto, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet, Supertoys Supertoys, Studio HAK, Pierre de Vlack, Six N Five, Laura Sattin, Alissa Volchkova, Feia Achenbach, Roxane Lahidji, Tim Vranken and Lukas Cober.


After working as an light architect in de industry for more than 25 years KOEN VAN GUIJZE decided to start designing himself. The result? A brutalist yet contemporary collection of wall, ceiling and floor lamps. After a successful (still going on) collaboration with Serax Koen van Guijze designs more unique light sculptures for specific projects. Koen van Guijze is also known for his collectible items which have been showcased at Collectible Design Fair in Brussels and now also at the DOEN GALLERY.

“I have been running my own lighting company for years, but there is still so much creativity I want to express. It has settled into his collection and that is just the beginning.”

Koen prefers authentic materials such as steel, brass, concrete, cork, ceramics, sand and paper. The natural and imperfect characteristics of these materials are poetic, as with humans the imperfections are allowed to be there, they are a part of being. His mix of brutalist and refined details are available via the DOEN GALLERY, right now on view you can admire Willy, The Pole Danser, Circuit and Ferry.

For more information or inquiries contact

We are happy to help you pick your favorite piece by Koen, implement his piece in your interior, or help you design a complete lighting plan. Everything is possible!


Dutch designer ALICE VAN DER LANDE focuses in her design on spatial movement and interaction design. In her material research she follows her intuition, which leads to transcend reality. Alice is constantly looking for interaction between realism and surrealism by building on the results of her experiments.

With her Functional Sculptures (photo) Alice van der Lande shows the balance between interactive kinetic art and functionality, and the relationship between the user and its environment.

“I think it is important to embrace and use industrial techniques to create new and playful connections between people and material.”

At DOEN GALLERY Alice van der Lande her Functional Sculpture is at view in the color combination pink-orange-yellow. This funky and playful object is also available in the color combination blue-purple-green. Furthermore, Alice made also a kinetic room divider for our gallery. For more information or inquiries about Alice van der Lande her work contact

(Photo), Funcitonal Sculpture, 2020, Mirror in pink-orange-yellow, 60 x 60 x 30 cm


WDSTCK dances on the delicate boundary between art and design. This collective of artists and designers consists of professionals who honor the unique characteristic of each material. Which results in respectable works, pronounced and refined in which nature as the theme is central.

Created in Amsterdam, their works travel overseas. At the DOEN GALLERY we were honored to house their masterly collection of multidisciplinary works, after which several objects have been included in the permanent collection.

Multiple works from WDSTCK are on view at the gallery. For any information or inquiries please contact

(Photo), Burning Ego Wall Lamp, by Wim Verzantvoort WDSTCK, Burned Oak Wood and dimmable LED Light, available in different sizes.