Koen van Guijze

After working as an light architect in de industry for more than 25 years KOEN VAN GUIJZE decided to start designing himself. The result? A brutalist yet contemporary collection of wall, ceiling and floor lamps. After a successful (still going on) collaboration with Serax Koen van Guijze designs more unique light sculptures for specific projects. Koen van Guijze is also known for his collectible items which have been showcased at Collectible Design Fair in Brussels and now also at the DOEN GALLERY.

“I have been running my own lighting company for years, but there is still so much creativity I want to express. It has settled into his collection and that is just the beginning.”

Koen prefers authentic materials such as steel, brass, concrete, cork, ceramics, sand and paper. The natural and imperfect characteristics of these materials are poetic, as with humans the imperfections are allowed to be there, they are a part of being. His mix of brutalist and refined details are available via DOEN, now on view you can admire Willy, The Pole Danser, Circuit and Ferry.

For more information or inquiries contact info@doen.do

We are happy to help you pick your favorite piece by Koen, implement his piece in your interior, or help you design a complete lighting plan. Everything is possible!

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