Objects with Narratives

In order to realise your personal home with unique cherished pieces, Objects With Narratives is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Objects With Narratives is specialised in sharing interesting and compelling narratives through collectible design pieces. Moving between art and design, their collectible design objects carry the energy that makes you turn your head around. The contextual work manifests a strong concept. Furthermore, their pieces are produced at a limited quantity, are carefully crafted with high attention to detail and form from various materials. With each piece being unique from the next, they all manage to share one common denominator – to shape a narrative that resonates with their audience.

Various designers from Objects With Narratives were a part of the group exhibition Postcards From Rotterdam (past). Still on view at DOEN are the From the Ashes vases by Studio Peipei and the Farouche Mirror by Frederic Saulou. All other objects from Objects With Narratives are also available via DOEN; for more information or inquiries contact info@doen.do

Represented artists: Alfie’s Fuzzy Friends, Jan Ernst, Ward Wijnant, Sarah Roseman, Studio ThusThat, Studio Peipei, Frederic Saulou, Maria Tykina, Raphael Kadid, Cedric Breisacher, Johan Viladrich, Laurids Gallee, Noe Kuremoto, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet, Supertoys Supertoys, Studio HAK, Pierre de Vlack, Six N Five, Laura Sattin, Alissa Volchkova, Feia Achenbach, Roxane Lahidji, Tim Vranken and Lukas Cober.

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