Colourful City Apartment

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Nestled within the lively new “Havenkwartier” construction project in Katendrecht, Rotterdam, lies a fresh and colorful city apartment. Overlooking the Maas and the Maashaven, this robust building offers homes of all shapes and sizes, perfect for every stage of life. For our client, it marked the beginning of a new chapter.

In 2023, we had the pleasure of assisting several residents in Havenkwartier, including our musically talented client. His grand piano takes the center stage in the apartment. Given his love for vibrant colors we transformed his new home into a cosy haven in the lively city of Rotterdam. Through our collection, we selected a refreshing yet vibrant mix of furniture.

Curating & styling by DOEN:

/ Bedroom / Aquavireo, Libeco & Vescom

/ Living Area / Dirk van der Kooij, DOEN pillows, Gancedo, Montis

/ Dining Area / Moooi, Studio Rink & Vitra

/ Lighting / Davide Groppi, Foscarini,  Modular & Muuto

Photography by Nicoline Rodenburg