Creating storage space

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Located along the Heemraadssingel in Rotterdam, we had the privilege of bringing to life this stunning second project. This spacious 102m² apartment spans a single floor and is part of a distinctive mansion dating back to 1910.

While the apartment provided ample living space, its residents faced a clear lack of storage. The historic home, in its current state, lacked sufficient closet space for areas such as the hallway and kitchen.

Hence, the core objective of this design was to create ample storage solutions. The custom-built central cabinet wall serves as the literal backbone of the design. Positioned in the heart of the space, it addresses storage needs for the wardrobe, kitchen, and living room.

Removing specific walls enabled a more efficient layout and fostered clear sightlines within the design. The bespoke cabinet wall introduces sleek horizontal lines, imparting a sense of tranquility to the space while visually enhancing its depth.

Furthermore, the design incorporates other client preferences, such as the addition of underfloor heating and a contemporary fireplace. Widening the windowsill has created a cozy seating area.

By striking a balance between practicality and aesthetics, we’ve delivered a project that ensures long-term satisfaction for our client.

Selection and styling by DOEN:

/ Custom furniture: Van den Berg Interieurbouw/ Lighting: Modular Lighting and Classicon

/ Seating area: Ligne Roset, E15, and Frankly

/ Kitchen and dining area: Living Divani, More, and Pilat & Pilat


Photography by Nicoline Rodenburg