City Habits, Urban Materials

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In June 2021, we conceptualized and brought to life the new DUPI Underwriting Agencies office, situated behind Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Drawing inspiration from our design work at Blaak 16 in Rotterdam, completed in 2017, we crafted a space that embodies our vision of CITY HABITS // URBAN MATERIALS.

While the city thrives outside, we aimed to imbue the office with a similar energy — open-minded, contemporary, understated yet playful. This ethos resonates with the DUPI team, who have served as specialist providers and industry leaders in insurance and professional services to international shipping, transport, dredging, construction, retail, and energy sectors for over three decades.

At the heart of the office lies the reception and lunch area upon entry. A substantial bespoke cabinet displays cherished items that honor DUPI’s diverse relationships. The expansive island adorned with tiles evokes an urban metro vibe, while the lengthy Van Joost table, accompanied by coordinating DCW bistro chairs, invites collaboration, meals, and socializing.

Within arm’s reach sits a generous wine cooler, accommodating up to 114 bottles – an essential touch for their gatherings.

Augmenting the urban ambiance, the yellow “studio job” cabinets tastefully complement the space, serving as timeless storage solutions.

Selection and styling by DOEN:   

/ Reception / DCW, Moooi, Feelgood Designs & Ox Design 

/ Office garden / Casalis, Haworth, Lensvelt & Modular 

/ Meeting Roomes / Bocci, Roverdi, Van Joost & Vitra 

/ Brainstorm area / DCW, Van Joost & Vitra 

/ Lunch area / DCW & HAY

Photography by Cleo Mulder