Loft Structure

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Fenixlofts / Once again, we’ve made our mark on this iconic project! Since 2014, we’ve been engaged as interior architects, shaping floor plans for numerous buyers and guiding various processes.

This time around, our focus was on presenting a design to a dynamic, entrepreneurial couple within the complex’s South Axis. The residence epitomizes loft living, boasting high ceilings, open structures, and split-level living.

Upon completion, the residence was reconfigured to suit the clients’ lifestyle needs. The new layout facilitates a spacious bathroom with a luxurious bathtub and seamlessly integrates a hidden office space behind custom oak doors. The kitchen design echoes this seamless aesthetic, providing ample storage alongside a functional workspace. These adjustments optimize the residence’s layout, catering precisely to the clients’ desires.

To enhance the loft ambiance, we opted for dark, sturdy materials that complement the complex’s architecture. A continuous flow from the grey resin floor to the balcony tiles visually expands the living space, while a striking pivot door emphasizes the room’s height and openness. Lastly, floating track lighting seamlessly connects the two levels, tying the design together.

Selection and styling by DOEN:

/ Lighting / DM-Lights

/ Sanitary fixtures / B-DUTCH

/ Flooring / DRT Gietvloeren

/ Raling & pivot doors / Van Zijl Constructie B.V.

Photography by Nicoline Rodenburg