Luxurious Family Home

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In Hillegersberg, we’ve created an open, luxurious family interior for our clients. DOEN handled both the interior design and the complete execution of the project.

The house, located on a main road near a charming shopping street, offers a delightful surprise upon entry. You’ll immediately find an oasis of tranquility with a lovely garden [designed by Munter Tuinprojecten].

In our design, we’ve kept the front area as open as possible, with a clear view of the kitchen that flows into the living area. Typically, these 1930s homes have a relatively small entrance with narrow hallways. By opening up these connections and adding a dark color to the entrance wall, you’re naturally drawn towards the light.

We’ve created seating areas around the fireplaces. And yes, the grand piano completes the look. On the upper floors, we’ve enhanced the comfort for the parents and the safety for the children. With two private workspaces and an extra lounge area upstairs, this family home caters to everyone’s needs.

The hospitality of the residents extends to the backyard, ending in a garden retreat with an outdoor kitchen. Perfect for enjoying those beautiful spring days ahead!