Minimalistic yet atmospheric living

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Text by Sanne Bender / Translation by Thirza Toes in the publication of the Art of Living Apartements & Lofts – Part III:

Jeroen Ebbeler is the proud owner of DOEN. He also owns a house in the Rotterdam Kralingen neighborhood. This neighborhood is located a stone’s throw from his job and the house functions as a viewing location on a regular basis. Jeroen: “There’s a DOEN reference on my window. People look in on a regular basis. My house is so clean people think it is a showroom sometimes. I invite clients to my house, so they can see what a DOEN design looks like and how qualitative our delivered projects are. Furthermore, they can spot several beautiful domestic and foreign brands.”

The baseline of DOEN’s interior style is minimalistic with a sleek finish, combined with warm materials. “However,” Jeroen adds, “the soul of the clients had to be captured in their interior: after all, they will be the ones who live there. We created a custom-made design that matched our vision. By the way, we have been able to arrange everything into the tiniest detail, even the smell of the house.”

This nice house has been in Jeroen’s possession for years and its construction had to be refounded after several reconstruction works in 2020. This was the cause of a thorough reconstruction, which created more space by means of a basement with natural light and by incorporating the former garage into the living area of the house. Above the basement with a bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet, you will find the kitchen at street level. A few steps higher, you will find the living room with a separate home office, which has a void with glass that gives a view of the walk-in closet below it. The living room grants access to the guest room with a pantry, which is located a little bit higher. There are lofty ceilings and vistas everywhere, which contribute to the feeling of spaciousness and through which all rooms are interconnected beautifully.

DOEN’s vision is excellently represented in Jeroen’s house: therefore, it has a minimalistic interior with warm materials and a well-thought-out lighting plan. The warmth is created by the old, polished herringbone floor, the teak wood shower floor, the dark veneer of the cupboards, the curtains, the seating that is upholstered with fabric, the brown glass in the glass doors, and the lighting. Furthermore, several authentic elements have been conserved, such as the stained-glass windows and the gas fireplace. The sleek, tough elements and cooler shades, on the other hand, are represented by, for example: the kitchen, which is finished with aluminum, the mineral concrete floor, the rough concrete in the shower, the marble dining table, and the black steel staircase that leads to the bedroom.

Photography // Studio Tien Interieurfotografie