Modern Comfort Meets Nature

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Creating a sanctuary to grow old in – The clients, a couple with a deep affection for the outdoors, wanted a home that seamlessly blended with the nature and space just outside their door. Navigating the fixed floor plan and pre-existing electrical layout, we used our creativity to make the home feel uniquely theirs. The challenge of the home’s curves was met with a blend of coziness and dynamism, ensuring the space feels intimate yet lively.

The living room draws you in from the hallway, with its inviting light. The flooring, made of Portuguese limestone, sets a serene and earthy tone throughout the home. The kitchen, with its subtly bold rose aluminum finish, became a testament to the trust our clients placed in us, allowing us to make creative choices. This choice adds a surprising and elegant twist, standing out yet harmonising with the natural materials used throughout the home.

The design is a thoughtful blend of new and cherished pieces, integrating their existing low furniture piece in the living room and spotlighting a central Montis sofa. This sofa becomes a focal point, designed to offer different perspectives of the space.

Using plush, soothing materials and outstanding colours, we created spaces where they can truly unwind and recharge. With children and grandchildren frequently visiting, it was essential to incorporate a guest bed that could be conveniently stored away when not in use. We designed a custom fold-out bed solution that seamlessly blends with the room’s decor, allowing the space to transform between a cozy guest room and a functional space to work and play music.

Curating & styling by DOEN:

/ Living Area / GAN & Montis

/ Dining Area & Kitchen / &Tradition, Carl Hansen, Studio Rink & Zanat

/ Bedroom & Office / &Tradition, Arte, Studio Peipei & Tom Dixon

/ Lighting / DCW & Modular

/ Window decoration / Baumann, Kvadrat & Sahco

Photography by Studio Tien Interieurfotografie