Striking Stairway

Underneath the text, you’ll find more pictures. 

In a former building with a concert hall on the first floor, DOEN was able to construct a shimmering residence. Overlooking the Rijnhaven, the house consists of four floors, each with its own living function. 

The ground floor used to be a music stage, but we transformed it into cozy living space for the family and their two kids. In cooperation with our client, we redesigned the space to create living space for them and the two children. 

The music stage has been completely removed, after which a hallway and two bedrooms came to life after the placement of custom oak cabinetry. By installing a double sliding glass door, the bedroom at the front of the home could be closed off for more privacy. 

With the removal of the stage, a new way upstairs had to be created. We installed a modern staircase made of steel and oak that leads to the upper levels. It’s not just functional; it’s a stylish addition to the home, with a desk seamlessly integrated into it for a bright and airy workspace. 

The original staircase from the second floor got a makeover too, with sharp edges and a fresh coat of white plaster. It’s now a striking feature that ties the whole house together.
Filled with personal mementos and memories, the home is a reflection of its owners. We’re proud to have been part of creating this cozy haven in the heart of Rotterdam. 

Selection and styling by DOEN:   

/ Custom staircase / Van den Berg / Van Zijl Constructie & Ruud Leentjes B.V. 

/ Custom cabinets & Pantry / Van den Berg 

/ Glass sliding doors & balustrades / Glasdesign 

/ Lighting / Modular 

 Photography by Nicoline Rodenburg