Former Prison to Architectual Home

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In late 2020, we completed a phenomenal home in the Tuin van Noord, Rotterdam. DOEN once again realized the complete design within this project, where we relieved the client in the realization and coordination of their home. 

 The Tuin van Noord, realized on the Noordsingel, among others, is one of the oldest judicial complexes in the Netherlands. It consists of two buildings: the Criminal Prison and the Courthouse. The prison is built according to an American design; cell wings that are centrally overlooked from the panopticon. 

 For our client, we undertook the transformation of the once-utilitarian panopticon space into a distinctive three-story residence. An extensive space study led to the conception of a central staircase that gracefully ascends through the house, allowing the floors to float around it. This design choice preserves the exterior walls for flexible utilization. Because of the resident’s extensive book collection, a bookcase was designed around the staircase that appears to form a unit with the steps, creating a natural separation of the spaces on the floors. 

 Guided by the residents’ preferences for Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism infused with Rotterdam industrial elements, we curated an interior style that encapsulated their vision. A wonderful mix of styles, in which the interior is secondary to the books and frames the view through the windows: lots of greenery and beautiful skies. 

 With a curated selection of our brands and personal items from the client, we delivered the home move-in ready. We managed to create a timeless blend of old and new, of tranquillity and excitement.

Selection and styling by DOEN:   

 / Living room / &Tradition, Label, Living Divani & WDTSCK 

/ Dining area / Carl Hansen, Classicon, Passione Ceramic & WDSTCK 

/ Bathroom / B-Dutch & Morihata/Kontex 

 / Garden room / Jan Luijk, Montis & WDSTCK 

 / Window decoration / JAB Soleil Bleu Reverie 

 / Lighting / Bocci, Davide Groppi, FLOS & Modular Lighting 


 Photography by Jan Luijk & Stan Koolen