Studio Rink

Rink is a young ceramist with roots in the Dutch province Zeeland.

Her collection is based on her great curiosity towards the possibilities of unfiltered clay from the polders in Zeeland.
Fascinated by the unpredictability of nature, Rink investigates unfiltered clay as a basic material and so developed a series of objects.

These objects expose the diversity of the soil in Zeeland, each polder consisting of unique clay. All twigs, sand, leaves, roots and other organic material determine the color and structure.
The material itself determines the making process, which leads to a distinctive collection in which craft, design and nature merge.

Rink uses the richness of the Dutch soil and therefore paints a counter-image of polished and industrialized products. Most of her pieces are made entirely from natural polder clay.
Rink has deepened her research and developed a method which depicts the diversity of natural, unfiltered clay visible.

In her series -The Muddy Collection 2 – Black- this process of diversity is illustrated where the basis of the objects consist of processed clay combined with a top of Zeeland polder clay showing the unpredictability of nature.

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