Susanna van Caldenborgh

Susanna van Caldenborgh developed her passion for art from a young age. Growing up in a family of art lovers and painters it was only a matter of time before she would find her place within the field. After a career in another creative field; interior design, she decided to pursue her true passion. Her journey starts right before her children graduate and leave for college, and in 2022 Susanna herself graduates from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

Minimalism is Susanna’s source of inspiration; order, light and shadow, rhythmic and geometric repetitions without a distraction of color have her preference. In her work she is always searching for harmony within the shades of black and white. Often shamelessly fabricated out of all common materials. It almost feels like a continuation of the Zero Group art movement. It is her muse but never does she imitate them. Zero is another way of thinking, a way in which Susanna’s brain is also wired. Browsing through her collection of Zero books a dog’s-ear is to be found at a particular page that states a quote by Piero Manzoni, which gives an interesting insight in Susanna’s ethos.

White is like a field of freedom.

The originality of her work is captured in the method used: repetitional composition without any further comment. Preference does not exist; the methodology of repetition is proper and consequently practiced. No further message or intentions. Therefore, geometry is used as an instrument to formulate her ideology. The geometrical aspect of her work arises from the element of repetition; creating rows (‘Reihung’). This kind of ordering is essential to avoid any type of preference. As a result of this predictable repetition a rhythm is created which gives a feeling of harmony and recognition without attaching any specific function to them. This leaves the observer with just the essence of form and composition.

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