JAN 2024 – Publication – The Art of Living – Jeroen Ebbeler

Not one, but two publications in the latest coffeebook issue of the Art of Living ‘Apartement & Lofts – Part III’. Thank you to The Art Of Living for showcasing two of our interior designs, and in special, the home of our chief Jeroen Ebbeler.

“Jeroen Ebbeler is the proud owner of DOEN. He also owns a house in the Rotterdam Kralingen neighborhood. This neighborhood is located a stone’s throw from his job and the house functions as a viewing location on a regular basis. Jeroen: “There’s a DOEN reference on my window. People look in on a regular basis. My house is so clean people think it is a showroom sometimes. I invite clients to my house, so they can see what a DOEN design looks like and how qualitative our delivered projects are. Furthermore, they can spot several beautiful domestic and foreign brands […].”

Text by Thirza Toes / Photography by Studio Tien Interieurfotografie

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