Alice van der Lande

Dutch designer ALICE VAN DER LANDE focuses in her design on spatial movement and interaction design. In her material research she follows her intuition, which leads to transcend reality. Alice is constantly looking for interaction between realism and surrealism by building on the results of her experiments.

With her Functional Sculptures (photo) Alice van der Lande shows the balance between interactive kinetic art and functionality, and the relationship between the user and its environment.

“I think it is important to embrace and use industrial techniques to create new and playful connections between people and material.”

At DOEN Alice van der Lande her Functional Sculpture is at view in the color combination pink-orange-yellow. This funky and playful object is also available in the color combination blue-purple-green. Furthermore, Alice also made a kinetic room divider. For more information or inquiries about Alice van der Lande her work contact

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