Hallway Lounges

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In 2022, we provided multiple seating areas for AHOY Rotterdam. 

AHOY Rotterdam is one of the largest event venues in the Netherlands, having hosted the Eurovision Song Contest among others. Within Rotterdam AHOY is a vital player, with recurring events such as the North Sea Jazz Festival and De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE! 

Spread across two floors, various seating elements have been created that radiate a stimulating but relaxed atmosphere and act as true eye-catchers in the large corridors of AHOY. Various customized seating elements have been brought together on both floors, based on a playful yet luxurious choice of colors and materials. 

On the second floor, we introduced two lounge corners featuring Tom Dixon’s elegant Fat Lounge Chairs. Both seating area’s have been complemented by the Sampei floor lamps by Davide Groppi; which gracefully illuminate the space. 

For both the entrance, and the two upper floors, we installed plantings through Inhabited by Nature in weighted mobile planters. These botanical accents instantly elevate the atmosphere, unifying all seating areas into cohesive, welcoming spaces.

Selection and styling by DOEN:   

/ Floor 1 / Besouw, Davide Groppi 

/ Floor 2 / Besouw, Davide Groppi, Fest & Tom Dixon 

/ Artificial Planting / Inhabited by Nature 


Photography by Nicoline Rodenburg